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By 20 août 2014mai 1st, 2020Article

Martand BINIWALE (back to India), Andrea TORTORINO (stop), Rajat HUBLI (moved to Frejus), Jonathan PELLINGHELLI (stop), Hakim Bouhali (moved to Nice), Jean-Pierre BOUTHERIN (stop) and other players left the club over the past two seasons.

This turnover has weakened on the workforce, because with rankings for the lowest 18 until No. 200 for the strongest of these players, the club expects a difficult year in N2 and more in pre-national (reserve) and Regional 1 (team 3).
With the ability to align two new recruits in return phase (see above), it should not be too much damage especially since Michael O’DRISCOLL (No. 170) remains at the club for ten matches. The former England international player signed for one more year to help the club and its young shoots to hold a national level. We should not expect miracles in line to go, but if one team has a chance to keep it nice surprises will back phase.
Beginning of the championship on September 20 with a move to La Guarde, favorite team for the rise in N1.
In the thick of it immediately !!!